Cloud Computing Capabilities
  Addikiin’s cloud computing capabilities enable users to save their initial major investment on software and allow them to completely focus on their core business area. With the deployment of cloud computing services in your business, cost saving and flexibility are the basic benefits you’ll experience.
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    Virtualization                     Virtualization Assessment

Addikiin’s Virtualization Assessment Solutions optimize the efficiency of using IT assets and also reduce the possibility of risks emerging out of infrastructural change. By carrying out a formal evaluation on your present infrastructure, our virtualization assessment aims at minimizing the gaps between your server, storage, and network infrastructure.

Further, the assessment also gives an overview about the capacity of your existing infrastructure and the enhancements that can make it better. Virtualization assessment solution is apt for businesses challenged to increase productivity and wanting to reduce the complexity of daily operations.

Virtualization Assessment Comprises of:
1. Hardware check
2. Total count on servers with configuration
3. Total IT devices configured
4. Total operating systems functioning
5. Performance analysis of servers, operating systems and devices