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Newsletter has been a considerate marketing force in the online arena. Multiple newsletters are mailed in bulk to the target easily. A well structured newsletter can generate immediate responses as the action buttons like ‘APPLY’ ‘BUY NOW’ etc are integrated with the newsletter design. This encourages the viewer to move further and know more about the offer highlighted in the newsletter.

We help you create cost-effective and productive newsletters. It is designed not only with the customer’s view in mind, because a newsletter is also a company’s reflection to its employees and stakeholders. Our newsletter design is aimed at generating responses from the right people. The key elements considered while designing a newsletter are- it should be attractively designed, well written and informative. Best time to design newsletters is during a product launch, announce special offers, best deals or anything that truly contributes in boosting up business profits.

Design Highlights
1. Design elements positioned in a way to encourage ‘call to action’
2. Light weight designs for faster loading
3. Less likely to be marked as Spam
4. Designs tested with all compatible browsers