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When it comes to professional communication, nothing is better than Emails. Traditional Emails have timed out, it’s time now to shift to expert email solutions that enable faster information exchange. Make a swift and smart move with Latest Email Editions priced differently for meeting different business needs.
Why Should I Buy Email Plans?
• Communicate immediately with colleagues located in different departments & geographical locations
• Organize & manage inflow of daily email messages easily
• Prevent leakage of critical business data to unwanted resources
• Save high costs on deploying a professional mail set-up

Why Should I Buy Addikiin’s Email Plans?
• Massive mailbox capacity, open to ample emails
• Flexible in sending & receiving heavy email attachments
• Mail system & data secured by a reliable Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Encryption
• Administrator can track the inbound and outbound mails
• Secure the sent emails with a unique feature called ‘Self-destruction email’ that enables the account user to destroy   sent mails using a simple configuration in the mail system
• Mails from the contacts in White list will always be delivered to your inbox
• Mails from the Black List contacts can be blocked
• Email filter feature enables blocking spam mails
• POP3 / IMAP/ Web Mail feature allows easy accessibility of emails, contacts and more via internet connectivity
• Simple email forwarding and auto forwarding feature enables easy forwarding of emails to existing or new contacts
• Auto-responder functionality can be very useful in case of change of email address or notifying the senders of your   current status when you are not available to reply
• Account users can upload the company logo or any business identity graphic on the web mail page

• Get up to 50 customized POP / IMAP Emails on your personalized domain
• 7.2 GB storage space per email id
• Emails based on the name of your company. E.g.
• Flexibility in accessing emails on Webmail, POP3 / IMAP / Outlook & Blackberry
• Spam filtering of received mails
• Selection of domain name as per your choice
• Domain Registration, Transfer & Renewal services also available*


By opting the grand edition, users can avail 25GB space per box for INR.2800 /- This plan is beneficial for business groups who require larger disk space, account security and flexibility for storing and sharing of critical data.
• Email Accounts compatible with Microsoft Outlook & Blackberry
• Organized & easy management of mail contacts
• Email security and access to mobile emails & IM
• Unwanted Ads can be disabled
• Schedule, assign & accomplish tasks using the mail calendar
• Password strengths can be customized
• Secured Accounts with SSL Encryption
• Set up & Activation of IMAP / POP3 Mails
• Support for Email Routing & Email Gateway
• For any technical issues, prompt support on phone & mails