Server Management
  Addikiinís managed server services enables you to flexibly select your need based server managed services along with the dedicated web hosting options. Effective server management ensures smooth functioning of the server infrastructure without any downtime.
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Explore the Cloud Zone
Cloud computing has been a revolutionary innovation transforming businesses globally. The concept of cloud computing involves services that do not require any configuration from the physical systems for performing software, computing, data access and storage actions. Gradually, the internet is transforming into a cloud and changing the way people access the information and connect with each other.

Addikiinís cloud computing capabilities enable users to save their initial major investment on software and allow them to completely focus on their core business area. With the deployment of cloud computing services in your business, cost saving and flexibility are the basic benefits youíll experience.

The Cloud Showers Benefits Like:
1. Geared productivity with on-demand applications
2. Enhanced user interface efficiencies facilitating easy management of resources for the user and administrator
3. Optimization of automated activities for boosting productivity
4. Allocation of resources for organizing a streamlined work process