Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  We deliver services by issuing Service Level Agreement (SLA) to the customer. This document is issued to confirm the specific requirements of the customers. Once the customer approves this, we proceed with working on the specifications to deliver best quality IT solutions.
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    Information Security                   Data Security

Data security involves safeguarding the systems data and allotting controlled access to the users, for avoiding any kind of data loss, leakage and corruption. The concept of data security has gained significance as it assigns authorized privacy for personal and corporate data. Another crucial aspect of data security is ‘Data Back-up’ solution capable of restoring your sensitive data that might be corrupted or infected due to virus or any logical occurrence.

Addikiin’s Data Security Services are capable of protecting your critical data from internal and external threats and also offers powered security solutions for the overall systems and network data loss prevention. ‘File Security’ solutions are flexible in securing critical files on servers, storage devices and content repositories.

Power to Protect
1. Installation of locks and alarms on unattended machines can keep a check on physical security of systems
2. Take back-up of files and data on all computers
3. Critical systems should have unstoppable power supply
4. Check all systems for viruses periodically
5. Keep strong passwords and keep changing it before it gets known to all
6. Random manual monitoring of systems at intervals can help in identifying external threats in the systems