IT Management
  As IT infrastructure forms the back bone of any business enterprise, choosing the right set of infrastructure management services is very crucial in achieving the professional goals timely. ATPL offers an integrated suite of Infrastructure Management Services in the areas of
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    Virtualization                    Infrastructure Transformation

Virtualization has majorly contributed in the overall transformation of the IT infrastructure. Virtualized infrastructural set up has changed the way people compute as dependency on physical systems is reduced with an advent of a virtual environment. Our virtual services deploy critical IT resources and increase the responsiveness from high priority areas in business. Addikiin’s unparallel understanding of IT and infrastructure managed services has maximized the virtualization opportunities in diverse spheres of businesses.

The Virtual Change
1. Hardware virtualization enables simultaneous interaction between more than one operating system and a set of      hardware.
2. OS Virtualization helps multiple operating systems to use minimal resources.
3. Network virtualization involves separation of a single physical network into multiple virtual networks without utilizing      the standard network devices.
4. Storage virtualization benefits advanced storage functionality and also efficiently manages the data back-up and      recovery.