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Getting a Domain name is the first step towards entering the web world. A domain name is the address of your website and can be the name of a company, service, place or person. For instance, if you have a retail store named ‘City Store’, the domain name can be ‘’. Now, .com which follows last is the domain extension that you can select out of various other extensions available.

Each domain extension is priced differently based on the popularity. Along with domain registration, you can also avail the benefits of Domain Renewal and Domain Transfer at competitive rates. With Addikiin, be assured of making a smooth start in your online business. There is more beyond Domains…Explore

Extra Benefits on Each Registered Domain
• While your website is under construction, we help you host a Welcome Page For FREE
• Guaranteed Privacy of Domain Accounts
• Hassle Free Domain Transfer
• Domain Expiry Notice In Advance
• On Time Domain Renewal


View the Complete Range of Top Level Domains (TLDs)

Per Year Pricing
.Asia 1100
.Biz 500
.co (2nd Level) 1350
.co (3rd Level) 500
.com 500
.in 800
.in (3rd Level) 400
.info 500
.net 500
.org 500
.tv 1450
.us 500