Web Maintenance                      Fine Tuning

Fine tuning website features periodically can make a dead design alive again. It is very important to analyze what you want to keep and what you want to remove from your website after a certain period of time as all the info mentioned previously might not be of use today. Hence, never let your online identity get dull and old even after years of business success.

We hold an array of maintenance and support services for smooth functioning of the website. The maintenance professionals ensure all the required modifications and additions to the site are done efficiently, without any delays. We keep adding fresh elements to your website at regular intervals for breaking the monotony in the users’ minds. Our website maintenance involves:

• Google Apps setup & support for effective business communication and collaboration
• Content and imagery updates on current web pages
• Addition of static pages
• Design of visual elements like graphic banners, icons, logos, etc
• Optimizing website performance
• Troubleshooting technical problems
• Updating text content
• Optimizing web pages for search engines
• Addition of latest interactive features to the site